X Everything In Life Is Temporary.. X

Ever hear someone say “It’s impossible to get attached overnight”?  I strongly disagree with the statement after my personal experience that took place in the beginning of the year. I’ve always head people say that “a dog is a human’s best friend” but I never actually believed it until I was introduced to a beautiful 6 month old mastiff…

nyras iphone 2015 april 1460

It was a “surprise”.  I wasn’t aware that I was getting a dog but as soon as I saw her I fell in love. And to be honest, I think she fell in love with me too. I named her Bhaja in belief that I was finally getting the puppy I’d always wanted, however this was not the case. I don’t blame my mum, she was just trying to make me happy, she would do anything to make me happy. But due to certain circumstances we ended up giving her back to the owner to be passed onto a new family.

nyras iphone 2015 april 1495

This occurrence made it clear to me that everything in life is temporary so; if things are good, enjoy it because it won’t last forever and if things are bad, don’t dwell on it as it can’t last forever either. Whether it’s a beautiful puppy for you to cherish, or you’re at a low point in your life, I just want to keep this ideology in the back of your mind.

At the time I felt distraught. I like writing down my emotions in an unusual and almost poetic way as I find it therapeutic, at the time I wrote.. – ‘My emotions are draining and I don’t know if I can deal with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I grew up emotionless. I just want to curl up and block out the reality.’ – But now looking back at the situation, I’ve come to the realisation that it was for the best, God has a plan for all of us so we should just walk on and go with the flow…

nyras iphone 2015 april 1474

♕Stay Blessed♕



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