X What Do I Like To Do? X

Hello fellow people of the internet, I just want to start by saying Happy New Year to you all (even though we’re two month into the year already, but I guess it’s better late than never right? ha)!! I know that I have irregular posts but I’m hoping to change this. I am currently working on creating some sort of schedule for my blog releases wether it be once every two weeks or once every week I’m not sure yet but I’ll think of something..

Now, to the point of this post…

What Do I Like To Do?

Well, from previous posts it’s not hard to tell that I love taking pictures of everything and anything that appeals to me. I find that I always have my phone at hand; ready to snap a beautiful moment. I believe that I always see amazing moments and I feel the need to capture them so that they can stay as a memory.  By me taking pictures, I am able to document them in photo albums and on my bedroom photo wall. Photography seems to makes me feel at one with myself and  I get a proud feeling after I’ve taken a picture that had come out to a high standard..

photo 1



I’m planning to start saving up for a DSLR camera, just so that I can enhance my skills and be left with beautiful imagery and memories. The camera I hope to buy will be a driving force so that I can see what I can truly capture by challenging myself..

“If I see a moment worth capturing; im going to capture it” – Connor Franta

Just as an ending note I would like to share this video with you as it is what inspired me to write this post..

Connor Franta is a youtuber and inspiration to me. His creativity,acceptance and good intentions appeal to me as I hope to gain these traits..

 ☞I hope this makes you think about what you like to do.. feel free to leave a comment to share your hobbies and give me feed back on my content. ☜

~Stay Creative~



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