X Go For It… X

Hi everyone❤, so I’m back again and I just wanted to share my interesting saturday experience…

So I am lucky that I have an older cousin who is engulfed in the fashion world and who is very active in showing this. She has organised many fashion shows and fashion photo shoots in the past and I have been lucky enough to take part and play a role in them. So about two weeks ago she’d informed me of an upcoming photoshoot she was planning on doing and she’d given me the role of the photo shoot assistant. So during the time leading up to it I’d been aware and quite exited for the whole concept of the shoot. It seemed like something I’d defiantly want to be involved with…

However as the time approached I caught a cold and I felt like I was unlikely to take party due to the cold weather and me feeling ill…

After a long thinking process I decided that it was defiantly something I’d love to be apart of . So instead of lying in my bed all day I decided to throw myself out there and take up the offer from my cousin to accompany her as an assistant at her fashion photo-shoot located at South Bank along the River Thames…

Can I just say I had no regrets about leaving my warm house out into the cold because I had a great time seeing the ideas unfold into reality. Not to mention I had also met some amazing and creative people. Who throughout the process I got a chance to get to know and connect with… It’s amazing how comfortable you can get with someone in under 12 hours. I have never felt so at home. These people actually understood me and had similar interests. There was this one girl in particular. She was the photographer for the shoot, same age as me and literally had the same interests as me aswell. It was amazing talking to her and sharing ideas. I must say I haven’t connected that well with anyone else before, it’s like she instantly got me. I had many interesting conversations on that day, and I was also able to widen my education and understanding about the profession and career paths I shall later take.

 It’s just shows that when you get off your lazy ass and do something you can make a positive impact on your day. I received so much inspiration and advice that I’m overwhelmed and exited for later projects.

From my previous post you can see that I am fascinated by taking shots of nature and beautiful scenery so here is a preview of the images and moments I was able to capture the day of the shoot..

december 2014 ny iphone 075

december 2014 ny iphone 074

december 2014 ny iphone 027

~I learnt a little life lesson on that day… In life you have to stop making excuses, go out and make things happen. In order to succeed and enjoy yourself…~

Don’t you agree?

✕Bye buds… I’ll keep updating unscheduled posts when I feel like I have something to write about. Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts✕


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