Hello everyone♛, this blog is a bit overdue as I took these photo’s about a month ago (just before my holiday to Jamaica), however I still wanted to share the world, or should I say London, through my eyes…

This little trip to Oxford street, situated in the City Of Westminster, was quite fascinating. I’m not sure if I’d been there when I was younger as I had a vague idea of what it was like, but it felt like my first time. this street was buzzing with tourists and fellow Londoners, it was great. I’d original planned to go there for a little shopping trip to prepare me for a big family holiday but that didn’t stop me from whipping out my camera to stop and take pictures of this beautiful place.

nyra octover 2014 iphone 029

we’d arrived during the evening time so it was still quite busy… but as the day rolled on and the light in the sky started to degrade.. The bustling city and it’s lights lived on. There’s something about being out at london during the night that I just love.

nyra octover 2014 iphone 037nyra octover 2014 iphone 039

So before we escaped the city of westminster and returned back home, I had to stop at a few destinations on the way that intrigued me..

nyra octover 2014 iphone 034nyra octover 2014 iphone 035

Me and my Dad sat reminiscing of the times that him and his mates would have, adventures down here as kids and  it was interesting to hear…

I even learned a thing or two about London. My dad had tought me about the BT tower and other well-known landmarks.

nyra octover 2014 iphone 040

After a quite packed journey on the tube home we had finally reached our destination…  and to my surprise I was welcomed home by a warm and cosy hot chocolate… Who doesn’t love that?

Am I the only one who enjoys nights like this? Am I the only one who sort of loves the cosy feel as summer transitions into Autum, then on to winter? Leave your feedback in the comments..

Bye my beauties


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