Hello Buds❤, I’m sorry about my irregular posting schedule but as I said, even though summer is coming to an end I’m still trying to ‘Love Life and Live the Adventure’ as much as I can…

[ This is the second part of my four part series called Best Week Ever..]

So my friend managed to get us some tickets to go and watch the X Factor live auditions at the Wembley Arena in London. My title might be a little deceiving as I didn’t actually audition, I went to watch the first showing of the live auditions.

We had to make an early start that morning because there was no definite place available for us to get in. so we had to queue up for tickets with the pre-ticket paper we had to print out. Basically it was a first come first serve basis.

So this was my second day of huge queueing, but I was so used to it it didn’t bother me at all. I quite like that buzz of excitement when your queueing with a bunch of mutuals.

ny 2014 iphone 160 ny 2014 iphone 161

So we’d managed to get to the front of the queue where we’d hear either one of these heart dropping lines.. “Here are your tickets” or “sorry we have just run out”…

Luckily for us.. the man handing out the tickets told us that ” we we’re lucky because there was only 20 left”.. So the six of us got in with success and no hassle..

ny 2014 iphone 130

At that point our next mission was to see the judges strut down the red carpet..

ny 2014 iphone 135

Which was totally successful, I’m so proud of this picture I got of Simon.

ny 2014 iphone 122

The buzz of being in that arena in the front section by the stage was an amazing moment. It felt so surreal

ny 2014 iphone 129

And to have the four judges [ Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Mel B] sitting there not too far away from us was priceless. Totally worth the wait..

ny 2014 iphone 185

And this sums up my first ever X Factor experience. The show was very entertaining and ran smoothly, can’t wait to see it air on TV this weekend. I’m going to try and spot myself in the crowd if I can.

Right now I’m just trying to love life and enjoy every little detail of it.. I figured out it’s for the best

Hope you can do the same

*Just sharing my experiences.. don’t be afraid to share any of yours..*

~’Best Week Ever’ Posts Soon To Be Continued..~

Bye for now lovelies ✗ ✘


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