X Update On My Summer: Best Week Ever [pt.1] – FanGirl Moments.. X

Hey guys♡, so I know I haven’t posted in just over three weeks, and this post is so overdue but.. from my last post I told you that you should ‘Love Life And Live The Adventure’, so that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do..

[This is going to be apart of my four part series called Best Week Ever, I guess you could say this is my first ‘diary entry’..]

So, my first little adventure of the week beginning 28/8/14, I took it upon myself to venture out with my friend to try and meet someone who is considered ‘vine famous’.. (If you have no idea what being vine famous means, I totally understand because it took me a pretty long time to explain it to my dad, Lol)

This was something new for me because it was the first time i;d heard of a viner flying over from America to do a meet and greet in London!

ny 2014 iphone 030

ny 2014 iphone 017ny 2014 iphone 041


I have to say, trying to meet this viner was defiantly one of the most craziest thing I’ve ever experienced. Not only did his fans take up the three floors in one of London’s newest shopping malls (Westfield in Stratford), and not only was he was he hours late. But we were told by security that he was no longer doing the meet and greet. After waiting over three hours for him, and being pushed around by the security and practically kicked out of the mall. The security had the cheek to lie to use and tell us that they “sent him away in a taxi”. HA!

The fact that they had forced us to leave, made me know for sure that he was still in that building. Me and my friend literally had to sneak back into the building through a different entrance because security were not letting us (the fans) back in. It was so crazy, after all that waiting and frustration, I soon became determined to find and meet him. So me and my friend literally searched for him in this over crowded mall and looked for clues on twitter to find out where SamTakesOff was being hidden. Luckily, I had seen on twitter that someone had just taken a picture with him so I asked where he was and she helped us find his location..

So we’d finally been able to see him up close in person but it was so hard to get a picture with him because they’re was a huge crowd around him, and we were defiantly not the firsts to find him. 

ny 2014 iphone 037

it was so frustrating because he was right there and shortly after we found him in this park near the mall, the security from a close by hotel came to see what was going on and dragged him into their hotel lobby, not letting anyone get close to him..ny 2014 iphone 022 

Me and my friend, still determined, waited outside the hotel waiting for his next move. The crowd was doubling in size and being very demanding.

We were then told by the hotel manager that we should head to the close by Olympic park as he would do an open meet and great there, so obviously, everyone started to rush there. However, me and my friend thought that it all sounded a bit dodgy so we decided to wait around and see what happens. Upon moments of most people having left to make their way to the park, we see Sam literally run out of the hotel and jump into this van, I was in so much shock. it all happened so quickly, the van quickly took off, and away. Knowing that he was no longer in that building, we then made it our mission and accepted the task of finding the park to finally meet Sam, or so we thought…


It was a bit of a struggle finding the Olympic park as we were not very familiar with the area and Google maps wasn’t giving us any help..

We eventually found it after 15 mins of looking and asking for directions. Hoping this was our chance to meet him. We’d rushed into the park, passing many of the people we had seen and cued up with from before.It was quite funny because once arriving at the park we then hit a mental brick wall.

Where on earth in the park would he be? The hotel manager was very limited with details..

It was so frustrating. We’d searched and searched, and even asked s few people. Sam was nowhere to be seen. Me and my friends joined another group of people in search from Sam. We must have been walking around for a solid two hours trying to find this dude. I found it somewhat fun and it felt like a proper adventure, very exhilarating.

It then hit 6 o’Clock and after receiving about a thousand messages and call from my mum, me and my friend then realised that it would be best to start making our way home because Sam had obviously done a ‘lie and run’… and it was soon hitting our curfews.. 

With my hopes down we walked back to our first location to start the journey home. When the craziest and luckiest thing happened…

SamTakesOff, the man we’d been waiting over 5 hours to see. was standing right there. With his group of friends. No crowd. No screaming girls surrounding him.. I was in so much shock I literally started shaking.  We froze. I had to solider up my shyness and take this only opportunity to meet Sam.. 

It was quite intimidating at first because he’s at least five years older than me, so he was obviously taller than me and on top of that, he was standing with about seven of hid friends. But I could literally not miss this moment. So I took a deep breath and approached the group..

ny 2014 iphone 052

It was so reassuring when he acted so kind to me. I got to tell him about my day and quickly say happy birthday after I got a selfie with him. I was so relieved on the train going home because I truly felt good, like I hadn’t totally wasted the day. And that night I felt even better, as I’d seen that he’d liked our picture on Instagram later on that day.

I was literally speechless..


My experience truly showed me that you should ‘Stop Thinking And Just Live Becuase You Can Never Get Back A Day Wasted..’

~’Best Week Ever’ Posts Soon To Be Continued..~

– Comment your craziest experiences-

*Sorry if this was a bit long*

Bye For Now My Loves✗ ✘




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