X PennyBoard Moment.. X

Hello people of the internet☯, I don’t think you know this yet but I am LITERALLY in love with the idea of being a YouTuber, video logging your life and the adventures that come with it. I spend hours of the day viewing videos sent out from the YouTube community! It is something I’d love to do and join. Anyways, whilst watching these videos, I soon came to realise that almost all of these YouTubers we’re buying Penny Board Cruisers. I had never gone on a skateboarding ride before but I absolutely LOVED the idea of having a little, handy board to carry around with you. So… I went and ordered one…

samsung 2014 pics vids 014samsung 2014 pics vids 016

It was pretty hard for me to find someone to go try it out with me but in the end I found someone and we planned to meet up for a little skateboarding adventure!

July 2014 iphone pics 074

Knowing me, I’m a little sucker for nature and landscape pictures so here are a few snaps that I’d caught on this lovely, hot day in this beautiful park…

samsung 2014 pics vids 005 samsung 2014 pics vids 007July 2014 iphone pics 063

So yeah, overall I think I love my PennyBoard! It’s not the first time I’ve tried to ride it. But it is the first time I’ve actually taken it out for a ride with a friend. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m definitely going to hang on to it and see where it takes me!

samsung 2014 pics vids 010 July 2014 iphone pics 069

Quick note: Just remember that YOU have to do more of what YOU want to do, it’s your life. It’s your adventure..

(Just a little something I’d thought up I love gathering my thoughts and voicing them..)

✌Bye for now✌


2 thoughts on “X PennyBoard Moment.. X

    1. awww thank you, it’s good to know that someone out there enjoys reading my posts. I’m sorry for the inconsistency, i’m new to this and I will try to keep my blog updated! So please keep coming back to check on it xx


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